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Hen and cock pasties - the truth

The Cornish Pasty web site brings you the facts .....


Home-made cock and hen Cornish pasties
with cocks on the left and hens on the right

In the photograph above, the pasties are shown this way up because many other pasties on the web site are already shown this way up.


If we rotate the picture, we d'see .....

..... hens on the left and cocks on the right


The explanation is this: the pasties were turned this way up for crimping. The pasties on the left were crimped in the normal way for a right-handed person, namely myself, starting at the left. The pasties on the right were crimped in the opposite direction, as would be done by a left-handed person. As I am not normally left-handed, so the quality of the crimping is not so good - but 'ee idn't bad, boy!

The Crantock Bakery web site has a page about How to crimp a Cornish pasty where they show the pasty the other way around with the edge away from you and with instruction to start from the left. This results, again, in what appear to be very fine hen pasties! This method enables excellent curled crimping, even if you haven't got a proper "pasty thumb" (more about that later).


Some fool making pastry for hen and cock pasties .....

Some fool making pastry for hen and cock pasties!


That is the truth behind left and right-handed pasties, or "hens" and "cocks" as we d'call them .....

Again, I hope this settles that bit of nonsense about The Cornish Pasty, no such thing as hen and cock pasties, indeed!


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