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Kyrgyzstan pasty - Somsat


The Cornish Pasty has learned about pasties in Kyrgyzstan. These were discovered by three members of the Stenalees Surf Club during their Punto-powered Kernow Mongolia Minstrel Tour. This was a 9,000 mile drive to raise money for Cornwall Hospice Care. They succeeded in raising 5,000 plus a further 1,000 for the MercyCorps Mongolia. This was a tremendous effort by three bad-ass altruists from Cornwall .....

Their story can be read on their blog and their pasty discovery is described on the page for Day 33, in Jalal-Abad.

The somsat are cooked in a "mental" oven, by sticking them to the clay walls and then scraping them off once they are baked.


Kyrgyzstan pasty - Somsat Kyrgyzstan pasty - Somsat

A "home-from-home" moment as the members of the Stenalees Surf Club enjoy their Kyrgystani pasties in Jalal-Abad


Acknowledgement: Thanks to Dave Waller of the Stenalees Surf Club for the information on this web page and for permission to use their photographs. Also, congratulations on an amazing trip from The Cornish Pasty.


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