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Reproduced with permission from Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd


Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd is a company started by Neil & Melanie MacArthur in Cambridge, New Zealand, who left Redruth, Cornwall, a few years ago and are now pursuing that most honourable of occupations - pastymakers! It is quite something to think that you can travel to the other end of the world and still get a good quality 'proper' Cornish pasty.

The pasties are not just the traditional Cornish pasty - there are vegetarian pasties, now becoming almost traditional in themselves in the pasty world, and the Kiwi Cornish pasty. The 'Kiwi' sounds rather good with cheese and chives along with the traditional ingredients. Also, new varieties are planned, so "watch this space" .....


Reproduced with permission from
Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd


An important aspect to these pasties for those with dietary considerations is that some are:

It is a pleasure to present this New Zealand pasties page, especially as the Cornish roots are so deep - they lived only a few miles from where I (KR) grew up!

Acknowledgement: Our grateful thanks to Neil & Melanie MacArthur for kind permission to use images from their web site, Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd, on The Cornish Pasty.


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