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A gem of British literature - a book about The Cornish Pasty, written by an expert who ran her own pasty shop for many years in her home village of Porthleven, Cornwall.

"The Pasty Book" by Hettie Merrick
Reproduced with permission from Tor Mark, 2008

The Pasty Book - Hettie Merrick
Published by Tor Mark, Redruth, 1995, 40 pages, 2.99
ISBN 13 978-085025-347-4
>> Sales currently exceed 30,000 <<

This is an easy-to-read book of some forty pages. The section headings include:

There are other sections, too, but you'll have to buy'n to see what they are because we aren't telling 'ee! The back of the book, pages 27-38, is about how to make pasties, with several recipes and good advice from a true, professional pasty cook.

Hettie's daughter, Ann Muller, continues the family tradition by running The Lizard Pasty Shop, on The Lizard. Her pasties, and the book, are available by mail order throughout the UK via the web site.

Once again, The Cornish Pasty d'bring 'ee the facts .....

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to Tor Mark for permission to reproduce the cover of The Pasty Book on The Cornish Pasty.


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