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Another gem of British literature - a book about Pasties.  It is much like this web site, being about the Cornish pasty but looking also at other pasties from around the country and the rest of the world. While the Pastypaedia also describes many other pasties, we don't tell you how to make them - this new book does. If you haven't seen the book, you're in for a treat!

The publisher has told us that it is selling like hot cakes - or should that be like hot pasties! It can be ordered from any good bookshop and should arrive the next day.

"Pasties" book by Lindsey Bareham

Reproduced with permission from Mabecron Books

Pasties - Lindsey Bareham
Published by Mabecron Books, Plymouth, 2008, 91 pages, 10.99
ISBN 9780953215669

While living in Kent now, Lindsey Bareham has connections with St Agnes and, particularly, Mousehole.

The book, with ninety-one pages, has the following sections .....

While the first three sections are self-explanatory and very interesting up to page 13, the book then goes into The Classic Cornish Pasty which is a selection of Cornish pasty recipes from various sources. The rest of the book is also largely a collection, or several collections, of pasty recipes arranged by the themes of the chapter titles.

While I am a traditional Cornishman, brought up on proper Cornish pasties, I have to admit that the sound of some of these pasties are very tempting. One of my favourite sounding recipes is in the pasty pie section and is for Lamb and Apricot Moroccan Pasty Pie, or one from the Pudding Pasty section which is for Plum with Crystallized Ginger - a long way from the pasties that Mother used to make!

This book is a small wonder because, while I know a bit about pasties, there is once again, as The Cornish Pasty says here and there, more than you think to Cornish pasties!

Acknowledgement: Grateful thanks to Ron Jones, Mabecron Books, for permission to use the image of the book cover on The Cornish Pasty.


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