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The learnings of Henry "Oggy" Trelissick, Esq - II


The following comments etc. about the Cornish Pasty are kindly contributed by Mr Henry "Oggy" Trelissick, a fellow pasty historian and Member of the Ancient Order of Pasty Antiquarians ...........

A comment from my good friend, "Oggy", about the Uzbek pasty

(taken from his email)

>Deare Jack,
>       According to my sources, the Uzbek pasty was probably a Chuchvara.
>This is a meat and onion filled item, usually boiled in broth, but
>occasionally baked. The one striking thing about the Chuchvara is that it
>has a distinct lateral crimp, evidence, perhaps, of the innate cultural
>conservatism of the region.
>            Oggy

>Deare Jack
> The Black Night Hawk Moth (Webmaster - see HERE)
>       Do you think the huge accumulations of Black Night's were
>responsible for the tradition of banning women from the pasty orchards while
>the pollen was blowing. I'm sure I have heard young girls being told "Come
>away in, maid, or the night moths will get 'ee."
>        I have been doing some research into the pasty in myth and legend.
>There are some good yarns to be told. Not just Jack Trevaskis, but story
>like  the defeat of King Arthur at Camlann being due of the failure of the
>pasty harvest  - probably because of unseasonable drought during
>pollination, but put down to the behaviour of Gwenny Balmaiden. The yarns
>will need careful editing, 'cos there is some awful nonsense out there.
>            Oggy
>PS. Interesting to note that the Ironbridge Pasty has a top crimp, though
>rather reduced from its Devon progenitor.

Webmaster - There is a photograph of this pasty on this page of The Cornish Pasty: English Pasties

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