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The 2012 Pasty Tax - Page 2


The Cornish Pasty presents a follow-up to The 2012 Pasty Tax, - that web page offers official, parliamentary discussion with quotes from the House of Commons Hansard. 

This page offers news items about the discussion and protest about the so-called "pasty tax", not just in Cornwall and Devon but also in parts of the Midlands and North England, Wales and Scotland where pasties are also eaten (in Scotland it is the bridie). The tax will also apply to various pies, sausage rolls and other bakery products across the whole country. 

This web site cannot follow everything on this topic because there is much to follow! However, we will try to follow the local news items.

The Western Morning News and The Herald newspapers have carried several stories .....



Five Cornish and Devon Members of Parliament fight the good fight in the House of Commons

Copyright: Image reproduced by kind permission of The Herald (Tel. Pictures 1 May 2012).
The original article may be viewed online here

Western Morning News and Plymouth Herald news items

  1. Plymouth businesses say 'pasty tax' is 'unreasonable', Plymouth Herald, Mon. 2 March 2012

  2. George Osborne's 'Pasty Tax' threat to Devon and Cornwall jobs, Western Morning News, Fri. 23 March 2012

  3. Budget stealth tax puts 20p on the price of every hot pasty, Western Morning News, Fri. 23 March 2012

  4. MPs launch bid to stop Osbourne's 'pasty tax', Western Morning News, Tue. 27 March 2012

  5. Pasty Gate - the story so far about 'pasty tax', Wed. 28 March, 2012

  6. Pasty firm hits out at plan for 20pc VAT hike, Plymouth Herald, Thu. 29 March 2012

  7. Chancellor accused of mocking pasty status, Western Morning News, Thu. 29 March 2012

  8. Summit to expose flaws in Osbourne's 'pasty tax' plan, Western Morning News, Fri. 30 March 2012

  9. Pasty tax "will put thousands of jobs at risk in the West", Western Morning News, Thu. 29 March 2012

  10. Stars take the pasty row to Twitter, Western Morning News, Thu. 29 March 2012

  11. 1,100 people sign 'pasty tax' petition in Plymouth,  Plymouth Herald, Mon. 2 April 2012

  12. "Tax will create two-tier pasty class divide", Western Morning News, Mon. 2 April 2012

  13. Now third Tory MP joins revolt over pasty tax, Western Morning News, Tue. 3 April 2012

  14. Pasty plea, Plymouth Herald, Tue. 3 April 2012

  15. I'll fight for pasties - but give Devon a fair mention, Western Morning News, Thu. 5 April 2012

  16. Labour leader Ed backs pasty tax protest, Western Morning News, Mon. 16 April 2012

  17. Nick Clegg risks pasty tax backlash, Western Morning News, Rue. 17 April 2012

  18. New pasty tax heats up the debate about VAT on food, Western Morning News, Thu. 19 April 2012

  19. MPs join bid to block pasty tax, Plymouth Herald, Thu. 19 April 2012

  20. Narrow defeat for pasty rebels, Plymouth Herald, Thu. 19 April 2012

  21. Plymouth pasty-makers slams city MP for backing the pasty tax, Plymouth Herald, Fri. 20 April 2012

  22. Double march as Cornish demand pasty tax repeal, Western Morning News, Tue. 24 April 2012

  23. Clegg admits Lib-Dem 'pasty tax' leaflet was wrong, Western Morning News, Tue. 24 April 2012

  24. 500,000 say no to pasty tax as bakers march on Westminster, Western Morning News, Thu. 25 April 2012

  25. Protest march in Westminster over 'pasty tax', Plymouth Herald, Thu. 26 April 2012

  26. Pasty tax protesters take fight to the capital, Plymouth Herald, Fri. 27 April 2012

  27. The pasty tax is a coalition effort, Plymouth Herald, Fri. 27 April 2012

  28. Pasty tax protesters defy rain to send Chancellor a message, 30 April 2012

  29. Letter tells Osborne to drop pasty tax, 16 May 2012

  30. Possible reprieve over pasty tax after MPs offer compromise, 18 May 2012

Try your own 'pasty tax' search for the latest items in the Western Morning News and Plymouth Herald HERE.


BBC News items

  1. BBC News Cornwall - Budget 2012: Cornish pasty price fears, 23 March 2012

  2. BBC News Politics - MPs promise to fight 'pasty tax', 23 March 2012

  3. BBC News UK - Greggs calls on Osbourne to scrap hot pasty VAT, 28 March 2012 - video

  4. BBC New Politics - 'Pasty lover' Cameron defends VAT hike, 29 March 2012

  5. BBC News UK - 'Pasty tax' confusion continues, 29 March 2012 - video

  6. BBC Radio 4 Today - Pasty row a 'storm in a teacake', 29 March 2012 - video (radio interview)

  7. BBC News Sussex - John Prescott on Brighton 'pasty tax' protest, 31 March 2012

  8. BBC News England - Cornwall summit agrees to maintain 'pasty tax' pressure, 12 April 2012

  9. BBC Comedy - "The Hot Pasty Tax" item on "Have I Got News For You", 17 April 2012 - video

  10. BBC News Politics - Ministers see off 'pasty tax' rebels, 19 April 2012

  11. BBC News Politics - Pasty tax Nick Clegg disowns Lib-Dem Cornwall leaflet,  22 April 2012 - video

  12. BBC News Wales - Llanelli's Jenkins Bakery joins march on Downing Street, 26 April 2012

  13. BBC News Politics - Pasty tax: Bakers take protest to Downing Street, 26 April 2012

  14. BBC News Politics - Pasty tax sparks anger from bakers large and small, 26 April 2012

  15. BBC News Business - How will the latest GDP figures hit pasty buyers?, 26 April 2012 - video

  16. BBC News Cornwall - Americans join in 'pasty tax' protest in Cornwall, 3 May 2012

  17. BBC News Business - Greggs renews 'pasty tax' campaign as rain hits sales, 16 May 2012

  18. BBC News England - Pasty tax: Government urged again to rethink VAT plans, 23 May 2012.

  19. BBC News Politics: - Government does U-turn over 'Cornish pasty tax', 28 May 2012

  20. BBC News Politics - Pasty tax: U-turn 'a shambles' says Labour, 29 May 2012

  21. BBC News UK - Newspapers welcome 'pasty tax' turnaround, 29 May 2012

  22. The Telegraph - George Osborne backs down on pasty tax, 28 May 2012
    - this article states: "Mr Osborne wrote to Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, to confirm the climbdown"

Try your own 'pasty tax' search for the latest items in the BBC database HERE.


To get an idea of the strength of feeling and the number of news items about the pasty tax, click HERE for the results of a new Google search.

As can be seen from the above, the proposal to tax our pasties (and similar food products) is casing quite a furore. We will continue to bring you the facts on The Cornish Pasty.



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