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The Cornish Pasty

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'Ere 'ee is, this is the real thing ....................

15 Aug 2009 - see below

The Pasty Recipe ©

by Mark Ryan       


One-and-a-half pounds of good plain flour
Eight ounces of fat and some muscle power
Mix 'em together with both your hands
'till looking like breadcrumbs the mixture stands

Add some water to bind'n up
Tip'n gently from a ½-pint cup
If its too gooey, add some flour
And stick'n in the fridge for about an hour

Then roll'n out to the size of your plate
Fill'n with taty to make'n great
A layer of turnip and onion as well
Salt and pepper'll make'n smell

Chip up some steak and chuck'n in
Add a little butter and crimp up the skin
Polish with an egg and cook like a cake
And you'll have a pasty like mother do bake!


NB - "turnip" means yellow swede in the Cornish Pasty, it makes a difference!

© 2007 Mark Ryan, Hayle
The poem was written by Mark Ryan
- after watching his mother make pasties
He wrote it as a means of remembering how to do it his self
- it is his intellectual property and all rights are reserved
Please email for permissions to reproduce it

Many thanks, Mark, for permission to use'n 'ere


15 Aug 2009


  1. The pastry is enough for four standard size pasties

  2. I like to add a little salt to the flour, about to teaspoonful and mix it in before adding fat

  3. I use Stork margarine rather than lard (fat): this can be grated into the mix

  4. Don't forget to put a vent hole in the pastry to let the steam out

  5. For a pasty with "afters" .....


    1. add a separating flap of pastry to separate the two fillings (meat & fruit)
      wet and press one edge to the base of the pasty, like a hinge

    2. bring the flap up over the meat filling

    3. use a thick slice of cooking apple as a base layer

    4. sprinkle brown sugar   ) on the apple

    5. add some cinnamon       ) spread both using a knife

    6. add dried sultanas, or chopped apricot, fig or dates as desired

    7. wet the top edge of the flap to help it weld to the top of the pasty.



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